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EXUS LENS PROTECT enhances the features of lens protector by making the protective glass thicker than that used for conventional products while leaving the frame thickness as it was. In addition, features protecting the lens from troubles such as water, stain, and static electricity are added, in order to reduce the time and effort required for maintenance.

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Available Size(mm) 37 39 40.5 43 46 49 52 55 58 62 67 72 77 82 86 95
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Antistatic Coating image

The glass is resistant to adhesion of fine dirt and dust, and when fine dirt and dust does adhere, they can be easily blown off, allowing stress-free shooting.

Water Repellent Coating image

High water repellency keeps water droplets off and allows easy maintenance.

Oil Repellent Coating image

Permanent Marker, like fingerprints, adheres to surface of the conventional filter, But it is repelled by the EXUS filter.

New Low Reflection Frame image

Light-blocking Ridges are equipped to the frame itself,to minimize diffused reflections.

Ultra-Low Reflection: Under 0.3%

Minimizes the surface reflection to get the original performance of the lens.

Stronger and Flatter

Thickness of Filter Glass


Thickness of Frame

Flatness and protective feature are improved while the frame itself remains about the same thickness as conventional filters.