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High transmission polarizing film makes checking of the polarizing effect through the finder easier, which allows easier focusing on the subject. This also enables a richer gradation expression, as the shadow portions of the subject aren’t as easily lost.

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Available Size(mm) 37 40.5 43 46 49 52 55 58 62 67 72 77 82
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High Transmission Polarizing Film image

30% Greater Light Transmission Ratio than Conventional Polarizing Filters

Antistatic Coating image

The glass is resistant to adhesion of fine dirt and dust, and when fine dirt and dust does adhere, they can be easily blown off, allowing stress-free shooting.

Water Repellent Coating image

High water repellency keeps water droplets off and allows easy maintenance.

Oil Repellent Coating image

Permanent Marker, like fingerprints, adheres to surface of the conventional filter, But it is repelled by the EXUS filter.

Smooth Removable

A Teflon coating has been applied on the outer periphery of the male thread to make attachment to / detachment from the lens smooth.

New Low Reflecton Frame image

Light-blocking Ridges are equipped to the frame itself,to minimize diffused reflections.

Ultra-Low Reflection: Under 0.6%

Minimizes the surface reflection to get the original performance of the lens.