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The natural color will be lost if the contrast is forcibly increased drastically by digital setting. Vivid color pictures with natural gradation can be enjoyed by using the polarizing filter.

When taking a landscape photograph, you may end up with a developed photograph that seems a bit different in color from the actual landscape. Only a polarizing (PL) filter makes it possible to provide the right contrast between the crystal blue sky and the white clouds. The polarizing filter has a double structure where the front frame can be rotated, and as you rotate it with your fingers it will gradually change the effect. Find the proper position by looking through the viewfinder before taking the picture. A polarizing filter can also prevent surface reflections. For example, it can remove reflections from the surface of water or from glass surfaces, and can be used in a variety of situations, as well as for landscape photography.

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EXUS Circular PL
DHG Super Circular PL
DHG Circular PL
FIT + SLIM Circular PL

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