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Have you experienced the shutter being released earlier than you expected when shooting under too bright sunlight, when shooting a highly reflective water surface, etc.? The light volume can be reduced by using ND filter, and you can intentionally control shutter speed and iris value.
Even beginners unfamiliar with slower shutter speeds or controlling aperture are capable of capturing better photos than usual.

A DHG ND filter can control the amount of light and adjust the shutter speed, which is effective in preventing blown out hightlights caused by overexposure and degradation of digital image picture quality caused by excessive stopping-down.
- Greater ND numbers of 8, 16, 32, and 64 result in slower shutter speeds.
- Changing the ND number from 8 to 16 or 32 or 64 controls the amount of light.

ND Filter Light Intensity Density Equivalent
exposure value
DHG ND8 1/8 (12.5%) 0.9 3 stops
DHG ND16 1/16 (6.3%) 1.2 4 stops
DHG ND32 1/32 (3.1%) 1.5 5 stops
DHG ND64 1/64 (1.6%) 1.8 6 stops
without NDND8ND16ND32ND64

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Realize Correct Exposure by Using ND Filter, Which Controls Light Volume

If the iris of the lens is stopped down drastically, the entire image will become unsharpened (blur small aperture, diffraction phenomenon). ND filter, which can control light volume coming into the lens, can prevent the blurring caused by such an over stopping down, as well as deterioration in image quality caused by overexposure.

Usage Examples of ND Filter

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This is a special filter for shooting the sun, which has special effect to withstand the light and heat from the sun, and can reduce the light volume to 1/100,000 in order to shoot the sun.

DHG ND-100000 Special

There is the case that you carry multiple standard ND filters and choose one of them, or stack them to realize desired ND value at the shooting site. This filter can reducelight intensity over a wide range from 1/2.5 to 1/500. Since the desired ND value can be adjusted by rotating the filter ring, there is no need to carry many ND filters with different densities. Despite of its double frame structure, it employs slim profile frame (thickness is 5.9mm without thread) to prevent vignetting.

Variable Range

Light Intensity 1/2.5 to 1/500
ExposureValue 1 1/3 stops to 9.0 stops
Density 0.4 to 2.7
For adjusting exposure time
The desired shutter speed can be adjusted without changing the aperture.
For adjusting aperture
The desired depth of field can be obtained by adjusting aperture without changing the shutter speed.
Effective for creating digital movie
Since the shutter speed is fixed for digital video camera (ex. 1/60sec., 1/50sec., 1/24sec., etc.), the light volume has to be controlled to adjust aperture for the desired depth of field. This filter is effective to obtain it at any values.
This filter is useful for making fade out effect also.

Key Features


In the range of high density, the cross pattern image may happen depending on shooting condition.

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DHG ND-100000 - - - - - - - - - - -
CREATION VARI. ND2.5-ND500 - - - - - - - - - -