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You may miss the point when you come closer to a flower or other small object to take a picture of it. Haven't you had such an experience?
At such times, "Close-up lens" mounted on the lens will enable close-up shooting.

The close-up lens mounted on the lens will shorten the minimum focus distance, enabling you to, in effect, come closer to an object for close-up photography.

Unlike a zoom lens with a macro, it can be used in the entire zoom area. You can take a picture at any magnification by zooming even at the same distance from the object.

A close-up picture can be easily taken near the subject. Shortening the minimum object distance of the lens makes it possible to take a magnified image of flowers and small objects. Unexpected reflection is minimized by lengthening the total length of the frame in order to cut sidelight.

Allows close-up shooting, as the minimum object distance can be shortened. Chromatic aberration on periphery is also reduced by using multiple lenses.

* When using with wide-angle lens or full size DSLR, vignetting may happen.

Macro +10 is +10 diopter lens and used for ultra magnification. The macro MC +10 is designed to be thick, which may make mounting impossible due to interference or contact with the lens.

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DHG Macro 3
DHG Achromat Macro 200(+5)
DHG Achromat Macro 330(+3)
Macro +10 - - - -